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Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Coping With Grief During The Holidays The holiday season can be difficult for those who’ve experienced a recent loss. Watching other people celebrate can also induce overwhelming and extremely bittersweet emotions that can be challenging to manage alone.  Though many of us may have experienced extreme grief at some point in our life, the process […]

How To Practice Self-Care While Grieving

How To Practice Self-Care While Grieving Grieving is not a linear process. Some days might fly by without a worry in the world, and others may drag on, feeling as if the pain is growing by the hour. While your emotions are in flux, it can be hard to navigate through them.  At Monuments of […]

Maintaining Your Loved One’s Granite Monument

Granite Monument Cleaning Tips Caring for and cleaning a headstone monument might seem like an easy task, but there’s much more that goes into their proper upkeep. Most family members take pride in caring for their loved one’s headstone, so by following a maintenance schedule while implementing these tips, you can ensure a long life […]

Everything You Need To Know About Holding a Vigil

What Is a Vigil Vigils are often held in remembrance of someone who has died and also serves to offer spiritual and religious relief during their passing. Essentially the gathering together of friends and family members helps unite everyone that has been affected by sudden death or tragedy. A candlelight vigil can be understood as […]

How to Check on a Grieving Loved One

How to Check on Someone Who’s Grieving We all know emotions are running high after a loved one has passed away. Sometimes though you may not be directly affected by the death of a loved one, you can be close to who it does affect and not want to be a burden. Chances are, the […]

Understanding The 5 Stages of Grief

Understanding The 5 Stages of Grief Mourning is a completely normal yet unique experience everyone will encounter during some portion of their life. Grief is a large emotion to encompass, so experts have broken it down to 5 different stages an individual will experience as the emotion is initially felt and continues to occur. These […]

Explaining Death To a Child

Explaining Death To a Child Death is inevitable and often the passing of a loved one will affect every individual differently. As you’ve grown into adulthood, you’ve probably learned to make peace through understanding the circle of life which entails death. The passing of a loved one can be an extremely hard concept to grasp […]

Dealing With Grief Through The Holidays

Dealing With Grief Through The Holidays The holidays are typically a stressful time no matter what your celebration may look like. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult and when time seems to pass too fast without them, honoring yourself and your emotions to get through the difficult times is necessary, […]

Creating New Holiday Traditions After a Loss

The holiday season is an emotional time of year, with a strong focus on family and tradition. For people who have experienced a loss, it can be a difficult period to navigate. That’s especially true if it is the first holiday season without a loved one. Creating new holiday traditions can help with the grieving […]

Your First Thanksgiving Without a Loved One

Losing a loved one is a major struggle that everyone has to go through in life. It’s painful and difficult, especially if a holiday approaches as you overcome your grief. If you recently lost a loved one before this Thanksgiving season, we have some points you should remember to help you during an extremely difficult […]

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