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We understand that our business can be very confusing or intimidating to people. In addition to a very personal and emotional subject matter, we understand that you’re likely to have lots of questions when you visit. That’s okay with us, we’re here to help in any way we can. In addition to a helpful link to the Monument Builders Association found at the bottom of this page, we’ve also included some of the common questions that our customers and friends regularly ask.

A memorialist is an artist who collaborates with clients, using computer-aided design, to create custom memorials with symbolic emblems, artwork, and imagery. They capture the essence of the subject, while communicating and conveying the individual’s personality to reflect the era in which they lived. These dedicated artists help the living celebrate the life of loved ones through artistic, timeless, durable, and thoughtful memorials.
Whether you are interested in pre-planning memorials, time-of-need tributes, or any time later down the road, we’re here to work on your schedule. We understand that every family is different – and it’s our goal to meet your needs when the time is right for you. Some families want to move quickly, other want to take their time – there is no right time or answer when it comes to telling your loved one’s story. Our focus is on the living and celebrating the lives of the people who they care about most.
All you need to do to start talking about memorializing yourself or a loved one is give us a call, visit our location, or email us. We are always willing to give you the personalized attention you deserve and we work hard to make the whole process as professional, respectful, and rewarding as possible.
We do not own or operate one specific cemetery, but we do have relationships with a number of cemeteries in the area. We’ll be glad to provide you a list of our cemetery contacts.
We work with clients who have a wide variety of budgets. Our prices are determined by size, style, materials and complexity of the final memorial you approve. Whether you have a small or large budget, we understand that it does not reflect on the value of the person we’re memorializing and we give every client the same amount of care and attention.
-Turn-Key Design and Manufacturing of Monuments, Gravestones, Headstones, Footstones, and Grass Markers. -Pre-Need & At-Need Memorials -Quality Installation Services, Sandblasting, Concrete Work, Granite and Materials Transportation, and Logistics -Grave Accessories, Including Wall Mount Vases, Retractable Ground Vases, and More -Solar Lights -Hand-Etched and Laser-Etched Monuments -Ceramic Portraits -Headstones (Tombstones), Grave Stones & Grave Markers -Companion Memorials and Niches -Bronzing of Memorabilia (baby shoes, sports memorabilia, cowboy hats & boots, and much more) -Cremation Memorials, Cremation Pedestals, & Vases -Single Uprights, Slants, Bevels, Double-Hearts, and Hickeys -Columbarium -Rubbing & Match for Final Dates & Updates -Restorations -Custom & Non-Traditional Memorials -Bronze and Granite Memorials
Yes, you can. View the portraits section of our accessories page.

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It’s our mission to provide unique, custom products of an extremely high quality memorializing the life of someone precious to the customer.

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