Everything You Need To Know About Holding a Vigil

What Is a Vigil

Vigils are often held in remembrance of someone who has died and also serves to offer spiritual and religious relief during their passing. Essentially the gathering together of friends and family members helps unite everyone that has been affected by sudden death or tragedy. A candlelight vigil can be understood as a healing event and allows for unity in mourning.

Places to Hold a Vigil

The best place to hold a vigil will ultimately depend on how your loved one passed. Because vigils hold deeply significant meaning, you must address the true purpose of the event beforehand. If you’re holding the vigil simply to mourn the untimely loss of a member of the community, the site of the death would be an appropriate location, but you must weigh the emotional capabilities of others that will be in attendance. The location should be easy to find and held at an appropriate time. Community centers, churches, and auditoriums are all appropriate locations as well.

How to Notify People of a Vigil

In today’s world, any social platform would be an efficient way to let people know of the vigil, but this could offend specific factors of etiquette. You should assess how this news online could affect other family members. There are also several platforms online where invites can be sent electronically so that the news is direct and not widespread. 

Ideas for Speakers or Activities to Include

  • Respectful music
  • Moment(s) of silence
  • Other speakers who plan to share their experiences with the deceased or with the cause associated with the vigil
  • Announcing names of the deceased

If you or a family member plans to speak, you should be sure to secure proper equipment and learn the basic functions of it all so that participants can hear what is being said in memory.

Vigil Displays

A display is a powerful and important part of a memorial service and will allow for mourners and the bereaved to express their grief and leave condolences for the family and loved ones of the deceased.

Many vigils often have a space where a photo of the deceased may be displayed, and where flowers, cards, photos, mementos, and tea lights or memorial candles may be placed. 

Ultimately, honoring a loved one who has passed is never a bad idea and with proper planning and timing, Monuments of Victoria can help you carry our your loved one’s wishes with them to their final resting place. We want to help and are happy to do so. Contact us today tolearn more about customization of monuments.

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