What’s The Difference Between a Gravestone and a Headstone?

Gravestone and a Headstone

If you’ve ever visited a cemetery, we’re sure you may have noticed the different types of stones that mark graves; some are more ornate than others. Essentially, a gravestone is placed at the head of the grave, and a headstone is placed at the foot of the grave. Gravestones are usually larger than headstones and are slightly larger.

What is a Gravestone?

A gravestone is a stone placed over the grave of your loved one with the inscription of the name and other important information you desire to have written on it. Gravestones can be made from granite, marble, or limestone. These can either be designed as simple or as ornate as you request. Sometimes, most people may even choose to have a picture of their loved ones placed or engraved on the stone. The size of the gravestone will depend on the number of people that are buried there, so it depends on whether it will be a family plot or a single plot.

What is a Headstone?

A headstone is typically placed at the head of a grave–it can be inscribed with the name of the person who died, other important information, and even a special message from the family. At Monuments of Victoria, we recommend placing the stone at the head of the grace so that the person who has died can face East. In many cultures, people believe that because the sun rises in the East, it can resurrect the person who died when the sun rises. As the sun is a symbol of life, it makes sense that the person should be facing it when they’re resurrected.

What’s Next?

Gravestones are meant to mark the actual spot of the grave and headstones are meant to mark and honor the individual buried there. Depending on the cemetery of your or your loved one’s choosing, the regulations might dictate the sizes and placements of either choice. No matter the choice made, this stone will be a lasting tribute to your loved one and is truly meant to reflect their true personality, interests, and more. There are many things to consider when choosing a gravestone or headstone, but we strongly believe that you need to feel confident and truly satisfied with the tribute that we are creating for your dearly departed. Contact us today to talk about customizing the perfect stone for your loved one.

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