Spring Funeral Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Spring Funeral Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Ben Franklin once said, “Death, along with taxes, is the only certain thing in life.” In life, death and funerals are inevitable and knowing how to act before and during a funeral as well as thinking about what you say before you say it are all vital tips to follow. Proper etiquette can either help to ease the suffering of the bereaved, or add to it. 

What to Avoid Wearing

During the Spring season, everything is full of life and seems bright, but grieving family members may not agree with that statement nor acknowledge it. It’s best to avoid bright colors and flashy patterns at memorial services, and to be mindful of short dresses or skirts. Work shoes, sneakers, and flip flops should also be avoided.

Things You Should Avoid Saying

Though the attitude is commonly perceived as normal and polite, sayings such as “they’re in a better place,” and “the pain will lessen in time” can actually be perceived quite negatively and make you appear as insensitive. There lies more power in smiling and gesturing to provide a hug or friendly gesture. During this sensitive time, less can truly be more and a warm and quiet present will suffice more than you know.

Providing Gifts to The Family

Preparing food and providing sympathy cards are always a good idea. If you are considering donating flowers, instead of sending them to the funeral home, try to have them delivered directly to the family. Many flowers can be appropriate but it’s best to double check with a professional florist to pick out an arrangement that aligns with the season. 

Essentially, your grieving family members and distant relatives may need you now more than ever, and especially more than they will let on, but you should always check in and try your best to stay connected. Holidays that often occur during the Springtime like Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, and any other special and significant dates can be hard to bear alone, so approaching everyone with grace and patience is the best way to get through difficult times together. Experts at Monuments of Victoria are always available to help you figure out the best practices during these times if you are unsure of how to handle them.


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