Honoring a Loved One With Memorial Gifts

Honoring a Loved One With Memorial Gifts

No matter the situation, it’s impossible to prepare for the loss of a loved one. The creation of a gift to remember them by or commemorate their life can help everyone affected by the loss cope a little better with the grief. Homemade or professionally done, these gifts will last a lifetime and are such a great thing to keep around when the days without your loved one are a little harder than you’re used to. 

Photo Collage

You may very well already be creating a photo collage or boards for the service. Ordering an extra print of your favorite photos or repurposing the photos from the boards for the collage is extremely thoughtful and will help to create a beautiful tribute to them. This can either be done in a photo album or a sturdier piece of poster board that can be framed or hung up on the wall.


To remember your loved one in a special way, you can copy their handwriting from a card or letter they have written and either have it transferred to a blanket or t-shirt. Some people are even brave and bold enough to get a phrase they have found their loved one to write as a tattoo. Whatever your preference is, this is a touching way to create a sympathy gift.

Repurpose Clothing

Creating a quilt, blanket, pillow cover, or any type of stuffed animal with the fabric used from a loved one’s clothing is the perfect way to honor them and keep a little piece of them around your house. Though this can be trickier, professional seamstresses or quilters can help you complete the work on specific projects you’re wanting to be sure that nothing gets ruined. 

Donation in Their Name

The holiday season can be tough but donations will go a long way. Was your loved one a supporter of a charity or happened to struggle with a specific ailment at the end of their life? Making a donation in their name to the charity they supported or received support from is also a touching way to memorialize someone while also helping to service others.

If you are unsure of what to do next, don’t stress yourself out. Grief is a large and lengthy process. At Monuments of Victoria, we are here to help you through the process and hope to ease your worries while you work through coping. Visit us for more information today regarding the next steps to take before and after a funeral service.


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